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CUSTOM EMBROIDERY in Largo, FL. This the process of decorating a shirt, hat or bag with a stitched design using a needle and thread. This use to be done by hand, but now is done with large multi-needle sewing machines which use high tech software. We offer on site commercial embroidery in our Largo FL location.

It has more upscale appeal than screen printing, making it the most popular choice for corporate apparel like golf shirts, denim and oxford shirts. You can embroider on items like hats, knit caps, towels and polar fleece that can't be screen printed. It's also more economical for small designs with a lot of colors.

Embroidery pricing is generally dictated by the size of the logo in stitches (or stitch count). That mean’s how many stitches it takes to reproduce your logo. Images requiring more stitches take longer to sew, so the cost increases with the number of stitches. The cost also DECREASES as you order more garments. The number of colors in the design does NOT affect the price.

3D/Puff Embroidery

3D foam (3D Puff) is a technique where foam is inserted under the top stitch to raise the surface, giving a three-dimensional look to your design. The 3D foam effect is commonly used on garments that don’t require much washing. Apparel like caps, jackets and other outerwear are pieces that are best suited for this technique.

We specialize in 3D PUFF!

Working with us for custom embroidery in Largo, FL allows you to boost your brands awareness. Each time someone wears your shirt, hat, or uniform, your name will be seen by everyone in the area. We ensure your project is handled promptly and correctly the first time. When you use our embroidery services, you’ll receive a quality product. Period.

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Embroidery FAQ's

  • Several Styles of Fleece
  • Shirts
  • Sport Polo Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Caps
  • Hats
  • Bath Robes
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Duffel Bags
  • Patches
  • Lettering
  • Team Apparel
  • Spirit Wear
  • Name-Drops